ACE3 – Intelligent broadband amplifier

Teleste ACE3 is an intelligent broadband amplifier for DOCSIS® 3.1 capable networks. The amplifier has 1218 MHz downstream frequency band and a flexible upstream that can be easily upgraded to 204 MHz. Equipped with several intelligent features, the ACE3 enables the use of higher modulation schemes in your network and is a nice fit for future-proof network upgrades and installations.

Benefits of intelligence

The ACE3 supports intelligent features that enable operators to increase service reliability and cut down on operational costs over time. Equipped with an intelligent transponder, the amplifier can:

  • be controlled remotely
  • monitor quality of upstream and downstream signal
  • stop ingress automatically before your customers are disturbed
  • align signal levels and guarantee optimal performance when implementation margins are tight
  • offer many monitored parameters for preventive network diagnostics