Teleste launched a new, DOCSIS 3.1 Remote PHY device for distributed access networks. The device, called DAN300, provides operators with a smart solution with which to substantially increase their data transmission capacity.

“The Remote PHY technology creates major opportunities for operators who wish to take a quantum leap to networks with substantially higher capacity. To support operators in benefitting from the technology’s potential and to perform faster roll-outs, we have create a portfolio of carefully designed Remote PHY products, meeting the requirements of future technology transformation. DAN300 is our latest addition to our portfolio, in which high capacity, extensive interoperatibility with CCAP cores and flexibility towards future needs have been taken into account from scratch, ” explained Olli Leppänen, Vice President of Distributed Access business for Teleste.

DAN300 is designed and optimized for Remote PHY networks. It converts a 10 gigabit IP connection into 1.2 GHz full spectrum, high-quality coax-based data transmission and makes it possible for operators to address consumers’ increasing demands for faster broadband connectivity. The product provides operators with all the features needed for the last mile over coax and deep digital fibre implementations and, with its compact design, it can also save space and energy in the installations.

The benefits of the DAN300 RPD:

It meets CableLabs specifications, ensuring multivendor interoperability

  • Support for both DOCSIS 3.1 and DOCSIS 3.0 modems
  • A full duplex–capable RF design
  • An optional RF overlay for forward path capability in order to utilize the full spectrum
  • It supports legacy and out-of-band services and applications
  • It is compact and energy efficient

To ensure interoperability with CCAP cores, DAN300 is compliant with CableLabs Remote PHY specifications. It can also be upgraded for Full Duplex DOCSIS, which makes it a future-proof investment for operators who are looking for a reliable solution for network transformations.