Turku, Finland – 12 September 2018 – Teleste is thrilled to be shortlisted as a finalist at the cable industry’s biggest energy challenge, the Adaptive Power Challenge. Organized by SCTE∙ISBE, Liberty Global and Comcast, the contest has called out for innovations to create real environmental impact by solving the cable industry’s growing energy challenges. Due to the high energy consumption in broadband networks, the cable industry has traditionally been rather energy dependent. Now, we have an opportunity to embrace new ideas for creating more efficient ways for broadband providers to optimize energy consumption in their networks.

“Enabling the high availability of broadband services, the cable industry is in a key position to deliver significant value for its customers. However, as the networks evolve to meet the increasing capacity demand, pressure arises to develop sustainable, eco-friendly solutions and technologies. These are needed to help operators manage the power and performance growth within networks in ways that are beneficial to customers, business and the environment,” stated Hanno Narjus, Global Head of Network Products at Teleste. He continued: “The Adaptive Power Challenge gives a notable sign to the industry that action is needed in order to conquer the energy consumption issues. We at Teleste are truly excited to be engaged in the crusade.”

Teleste has been investigating network power consumption for quite some time, in particular to find out how it correlates with network performance and to find out the optimum level of power consumption in different scenarios. Although broadband nodes and amplifiers are designed to operate at the full 1.2 GHz load, this scenario is rare in real networks. Based on our findings, the underlying principle should be that when the maximum load does not exist, the bias current can be decreased in amplifier modules, which then leads to lower power consumption. First and foremost, this can all be done without any sacrifices to the quality of services.rf load teleste

Source:   https://www.teleste.com/news/2018/driving-cable-industry-towards-saving-money-energy-and-nature-%E2%80%94-teleste%E2%80%99s-power-saving-innovation-shortlisted-adaptive-power-challenge