SRM4 Supervisory Resource Module 4

The Supervisory Resource Module Release 4 (SRM4) is an integrated control, switching, and route processing module for the carrier-class BSR 64000 CMTS/edge router. The SRM4 provides the high performance, advanced routing, and scalability needed for cable operators to deploy new high-speed Internet, voice, and video service packages to mid- and high-tier customers.


  • Primary control interface to all BSR 64000 modules in the chassis, communicating via high-speed Ethernet links
  • Contains the 16×16 64 Gbps switch fabric that provides the datapath connectivity between modules across the midplane
  • Managed via SNMP v1/v3, standard DOCSIS and IETF MIBs, and by a command line interface
  • Supports Layer 3 routing as well as wire-speed packet classification and forwarding
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