Teleste DAH - DOCSIS Acces Hub

The DAH will extend your IP network over the existing coaxial cabling inside apartment buildings.

It allows you to bring high-speed broadband connections to your customers with considerably lower costs compared to FTTH. Teleste’s DOCSIS Access Hub is designed to bring high-speed broadband to individual apartments, to hotel rooms and cabins, or to areas with small subscriber base. Ideally the DAH is placed to a network location that serves around 500 CATV households. The DAH works together with standard cable modems and due to its integrated CATV amplifier, it can also be used to deliver traditional broadcast TV.

Trouble-free performance with “plug and leave”.

Our extensive testing produces robust products that work without complications. Every detail of the DAH has been thought through. For example, its fan-free design doesn’t need maintenance, and EMC problems are eliminated by proper isolation of Gigabit Ethernet ports. In addition, the DAH offers “plug and leave” functionality: just plug in the device and you are ready to leave. The DAH does the configuration work for you.

Teleste DAH

DAH schemat

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