Teleste - EOC03 & EOC04

EOC03 & EOC04 are Ethernet over Coax adaptors based on the MoCA®2.0 standard. They can deliver a minimum of 400 Mbps up to 16 locations around the home, over 250 meters of coaxial cable. Teleste EOC technology allows you to fully wire your home to support Ethernet connections without installing new cable.


  • Uses existing in home coax network
  • Minimum 400 Mbps
  • CATV / DVB-T signal unaffected
  • Up to 16 adapters per system
  • Create whole house Wi-Fi network by using with Ethernet over Coax Wi-Fi adapters (EOC04)
  • Mesh network for maximum performance
  • Designed specifically for HD Video / UHD 4K streaming
  • Simple plug & play setup without any configuration
  • Connects all Ethernet enabled equipment, using the in-home coax network
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi version (EOC04) with 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports


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