VCAS - Verimatrix Content Security Manager™

Verimatrix Content Security Manager (CSM)

Description The Verimatrix Content Security Manager (CSM) is the core component of the most advanced software-based content security system available – the Verimatrix Video Content Authority System (VCAS). CSM enables and supports all features and options within a VCAS secured pay-TV system, including broadcast/multicast only, VOD only, or hybrid broadcast and VOD network deployments with secure, real-time key distribution for the full spectrum of content services. CSM is also equipped to support deployment of advanced interactive pay-TV features such as PVR and nPVR in conjunction with other head-end components. CSM acts as the root Certificate Authority in a PKI hierarchy, using X.509 certificates to validate and authorize all content protection communication within the pay-TV network. This includes messaging between VCAS sub-system components as well as between the head-end system and authenticated client STBs and PCs in subscriber households.


  • Platform OS: Solaris 10, Linux (RHE v4/5)
  • Sub-system interfaces: Authenticated via PKI and X.509 digital certificates
  • Database support: Oracle (9i, 10g)
  • GUI: Flexible Java-based administrative    interface
  • Event logging: Comprehensive and secure
  • Implementation: Single machine or distributed load balanced cluster
  • Middleware interface: XML-RPC entitlement interface works in push or pull model compatible with multiple middleware packages
  • Network Management: SNMP
  • Scalability: From trial system to 1+ million subscribers and beyond.


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