Teleste Palomino

Teleste Palomino

is an IP to analog TV converter that provides high quality analog TV signal in various modulation standards. The fully digital design ensures top class performance and operation in every condition. Add the Palomino CI and you’ll have several options for channel descrambling.


High performance with fully digital design

The versatile Palomino can manage 8 channels with bit rates up to 300 Mbit/s per IP input stream in a compact 1 RU housing. The unit receives IP streams in SPTS and MPTS formats, demultiplexes and  decodes the received channels and finally modulates them to analog channels. The fully digital design ensures high performance operation in every condition. Power supply redundancy is standard and also IP input stream redundancy is supported as an optional feature.

  • IP streaming input via RJ45 or SFP (redundant)
  • ASI input (optional, requires license)
  • MPEG decoding
  • TV RF modulator (PAL B/G, D/K, SECAM L, D/K)
  • NICAM and analog stereo sound
  • Monitoring
  • Management
  • Redundancy
  • In-chassis power supply redundancy
  • Input stream redundancy (optional)
  • Common Interface
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