Ubique has been launched already years ago, but new Ubique has sharper focus on content management.

Teleste Ubique is a software framework that can be used to build tailored and compre­hensive content management systems in multiscreen environment. What makes Ubique unique is the fact that its primary focus is on video content management while many other available content management systems have no such sharp focus on video.

Make yourself an access point to all available services

Teleste Ubique turns traditional TV to a modern entertainment center. You can incorporate a variety of OTT services to your offering and make yourself an access point to all available services. With the Ubique you can help your customers navigate through the OTT jungle by making the combination of available broadcast TV and interactive OTT services easily accessible. Ensuring the customers can enjoy a versatile selection of programming and video content, conveniently at their reach at all times, will keep them satisfied and loyal.


Video for every screen

The Teleste Ubique comes with a multi-screen functionality, enabling subscribers to access services independent of their location. All video related services are available not only on your TV set, but also on selected mobile phones, tablet computers and PCs. If you like, you can distribute your services – encrypted or free-to-air – also via the open internet.

Precision tool for video content management

Managing and delivering content requires functions like video capture, easy upload and flexible searches based on metadata. Video files might be in various formats and streamed to thousands of customers. The Ubique supports all these functions, several video formats, and additionally it features user-friendly access control, which makes it a precision tool of operators who want to offer their customers well-organized, easy-to-use, attractive video content.