Appear TV - XC 5000/XC 5100

Appear TV’s XC5000  and XC5100

are the latest generation carrier grade platforms with 1RU and 4RU chassis options of unmatched power and versatility. There are no restrictions even for the most intensive processing requirement. Both units feature uprated dual-redundant and hot swappable power supplies, increased cooling, enhanced redundancy and a number of other features. An advanced user friendly GUI offers an intuitive and comprehensive management of the many features of the system. The exhaustive multi-level alarm system, together with the easiness for integration to 3rd party management systems, enables full automatic control. The possibility of centralized monitoring simplifies deployment and streamlines maintenance. Appear TV classifies its modules into different categories depending on the functionality. These include switching, input for content aggregation, compression, processing, output and decoding modules. All modules can be combined freely to provide the desired functionality. The latest innovations include the possibility to deliver and convert both analog and digital broadcast services, from point to point, or from point to multipoint and in any format to any screen.

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