Coaxial cables

Coax Cables with Messenger

Installation cable used in professional networks, distributing TV signal and also applied as an aerial cable for terrestrial and satellite broadcast systems. It can be installed directly in the ground, pipes and communication channels, as well as suspended in the open air.

type construction attenuate at 865MhZ connectors
inner conductor insulation outer conductor jacket
inner foil shield outer foil
mat. ø[mm] mat. ø[mm] mat. mat. pokr. opt. mat. mat. ø[mm] [dB/100m]
 S11BEFMCU  Cu  1,63  sp.PE  7,11  Al/PET  dr. Al  60%  PE  10,03  12,94
 S15BVFQM  CCA  2,77  sp.PE  11,60  Al/PET  dr. Al  60%  PVC  15,80  7,87
 S540BEFM  CCA  3,15  sp.PE  13,03  rura AL  PE  15,49  6,56
 S625BEFM  CCA  3,48  sp.PE  14,30  rura AL  PE  17,40  6,28
 S860BEFM  CCA  5,16  sp.PE  21,03  rura AL  PE  24,38  4,36


CCA – Copper Clad Aluminum Wire

Cu – copper

sp. PE – physical foamed PE

PET/Al – aluminum foil

Al/PET/Al – aluminum foil on both sides

Cu/PET/Cu – copper foil on both sides

dr. Al – aluminum braid

dr. Cu – copper braid

FRNC – Flame Retardant Non-Corossive

PE – polyethylene

PVC – polyvinyl chloride