The CXE280 may be small but there is much more to it than meets the eye. Its performance and versatility make it a great all-around amplifier.

The CXE280 features two gain modes for more flexible operation. Higher gain is designed for distribution purposes and lower gain is suitable for line extender use. Upstream gain can also be set to low or high mode. All signal controls are using standard attenuator pads to minimize the selection of spare plugs. Amplifier stages are using GaAs-FET technology, which gives excellent CTB and CSO performance. Take a good look inside and you’ll find features that simply work for your advantage.

  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Supports 1 GHz downstream
  • High gain / low gain operation modes for US and DS
  • GaAs FET and GaAs pHEMT technology in use
  • Low US noise figure
  • Cable simulator option at input
  • US input attenuator
  • All adjustments with plug-in
  • attenuator pads
  • Classification according to KDG 1 TS 140: D(4.4)
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