Digital line splitters, taps and multitaps

are a versatile family of indoor passives. By offering a wide choice of different housings and complete line of tap off and splitting ratios, digital line offers the highest possible flexibility in designing and installing indoor access network. Standard form housing offers a conventional form type of splitters and taps. Combined with Euro form housing, where all ports are facing into same direction, it is ideal combination for space saving distribution cabinet design. In addition, all housings have 7mm high plastic base fitted as standard, so cables can pass underneath. Euro line digital passives can be mounted also in vertical position, thus enabling one of the industry highest port density. Vertical form of digital line passives has all ports facing upwards, and is most complete line, when it comes to number of models. It offers space saving designs for large star distribution networks. It can be mounted in horizontal or vertical position to achieve maximum flexibility.


  • Conforms to RoHS directive
  • Meets and surpasses A class CENELEC standards
  • Linear frequency response
  • High port isolation
  • Nickel plated HQ housing
  • Beryllium metal, gold plated F ports
  • Well screened housings
  • Wide choice of housings and mounting positions
  • Plastic base for easy handling
  • High intermodulation distortion characteristics
  • DC blocking capacitors against HUM modulation
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