Teleste - DurAplus+

The first flylead with integrated material creep compensation which is a unique feature developed and patented by Teleste to guarantee improved network performance and reduction in truck-rolls for network operators and makes the in-home interconnect LTE future-proof.

Current coaxial cable and connector designs can start to deteriorate the moment they are taken out of the packaging and exposed to air and moisture. DurAplus+ is solid as a rock – its effectiveness never deteriorates over time – protecting against LTE interference and ingress/egress issues.


  • Reduced truck-rolls
  • Improved overall QOS
  • Reduce STB/Modem no fault founds in screen and clean process
  • Simply install and never have to worry about your flylead performance again

Passive products utilising Teleste’s patented DurAplus+ technologies maintain true ClassA++ screening effectiveness which is critical to operators to protect against ingress and egress, especially in LTE band.

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