Nody optyczne

Teleste - AC810 1.2 GHZ OPTICAL NODE

AC810 is a dual active output node designed for FTTLA solutions.

The output amplifier stages are based on high performance 1.2 GHz GaN hybrids, which ensures highest possible signal quality and high output level. Interstage gain can be controlled in two positions, which results in wide operational dynamic range. The first stage is adjusted by OLC function. The second slot(s) can be controlled with plug-in attenuator and equaliser modules. The integrated microcontroller takes care of OLC and monitors RF levels, laser bias current, temperature and supply voltages and transmits alarm data to the head end. Status leds for optical power and RF levels provide status information for true plug-and-play installation. Fibre organizing is made in the lid, which includes splice organizer with 12 holders, connector holders and fibre in/out ports.

  • Docsis 3.1 ready: 204/1218 MHz
  • GaN HEMT and GaAs pHEMT technology in use
  • Remote power supply with PFC
  • Optional 3rd output port
  • Optimised fibre and splice organizer in the lid
  • Efficient surge and ESD protection\
  • FP, DFB and CWDM upstream laser options
  • Integrated performance monitoring
  • Integrated microcontroller enabling true plug-and-play installation:
    • OLC function with temperature compensation
    • Optical input power measurement and local alarm with led
    • RF power measurement for both outputs and local alarm with led
    • Optical transmitter laser current measurement
    • Supply voltage measurement
    • Temperature measurement
    • All alarms and & measurement values are transmitted to headend
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