Nody optyczne

Teleste - E8

Teleste E8 is the latest addition in our extensive range of DOCSIS® 3.1 capable
optical nodes. The E8 is compact but true excellence lies beneath the cover. Inside and
out, it’s innovative and simple design offers outstanding performance and practical
functionalities. Simplicity, reliability and versatility. That’s what the E series is all about.
The E8 is a compact node with one active output, designed for deep fibre networks. The 1×1 node is based on fixed platform but responds to diverse requirements. Also intelligent manual alignments, remote ingress switching and integrated electrical controls in both up- and downstream are available. The amplifier stages of E8 are based on a high-performance GaN solution that makes the usable gain range especially wide and a high output level possible. The E8 supports the DOCSIS 3.1 frequencies and fully stands up to future bandwidth needs.


− 1.2 GHz GaN technology
− Return path supports 204 MHz bandwidth
− Optical AGC (OLC)
− Electrical adjustments with pushbuttons and display
− Optional PC, tablet or smartphone control via Bluetooth or USB
− Optional RIS receiver for remote ingress switch control
− Power saving mode
− Excellent ESD and surge protection

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