Wzmacniacze szerokopasmowe


The AC1500 is a single active output amplifier with 43dB operational gain. The used amplifier stages are based on high performance GaN solution that makes the usable gain range especially wide and high output level possible. Integrated interstage gain and slope controls optimise flatness performance and together with a transponder or a pilot detection module add ALSC functionality. Temperature compensating MLSC unit minimises the needed amount of ALSC units. With internal splitting there are 3 separate outputs available.

Elements like ingress switches and return amplifier are built on the motherboard. For upgrading return path to 85 MHz or 204 MHz there is no need to change return amplifier, but only diplex filters and a passive slope and response correction unit. Continuous rotary switch upstream controls are built on the motherboard.


− 1.2 GHz bandwidth

− Forward amplifiers use GaN HEMT and GaAs pHEMT technology

− GaAs push-pull return amplifier on motherboard

− Temperature compensated forward and return path

− Flexible 862/1006/1218 MHz interstage slope pivot point selection

− Excellent ESD and surge protection

− Remote power supply with PFC

− Fixed station memory for electrical identification

− Optional AC6188 temperature compensating MLSC unit with RIS

− Optional AC6158 agile pilot ALSC unit with RIS

− Optional AC6952 transponder with:

  •  CATVisor/HMS compatible RF modem with wide frequency ranges
  •  ALSC with fully user programmable pilots and backup pilots
  •  Downstream spectrum analyser
  • Upstream signal quality monitoring
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