Wzmacniacze szerokopasmowe


The AC3010 is a single active output amplifier with 48 dB maximum gain. The amplifier stages are based on extreme high performance GaN solution that makes the usable gain range especially wide and allows high output level. Integrated interstage gain and slope controls optimise the flatness performance.  AC3010 has a USB connector for local configuration with a PC or mobile device. It has a slot for transponder module, which allows full remote monitoring and control of all node parameters. The transponder unit measures the forward and return path signal levels and enables the automatic forward and return path alignment function.

For upgrading return path to 85 MHz or 204 MHz there is no need to change the return amplifier, but only diplex filters and the return output module.


− 1.2 GHz bandwidth

− Electrical adjustments

− Forward amplifiers use the newest GaN HEMT technology

− GaAs push-pull return amplifier on motherboard

− Temperature compensated forward and return path

− Excellent ESD and surge protection

− Remote power supply with PFC

− Android user interface

− With a transponder plug-in module:

  •  CATVisor / HMS or DOCSIS remote connection
  •  Remote ingress switch control
  •  ALSC with fully user programmable pilots
  •  Downstream spectrum analyser
  • Upstream signal monitoring with automatic plug-in and ingress control
  •  True plug-and-play with single pushbutton alignment
  • Return path pilot generator
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