Analizatory MPEG

Bridge Technologies - VB262 PROBE – QAM/VSB RF Interface


input option offers monitoring of QAM signals as found in QAM cable networks and DTT signals found in 8/16VSB networks. The chassis can be equipped with a single VB120 or VB220 IP-PROBE master card that has one or two VB262 RF input cards under its control. The complete configuration with the fully licensed VB120 provides real-time monitoring and alarming for four QAM or VSB RF inputs, 10 IP MPTS/SPTS multicasts (upgradeable to 50) and one ASI TS input. ETSI TR 101 290 analysis is performed in parallel for QAM inputs, the ASI input and the IP input. If the VB220 is used as master card the IP monitoring capacity is increased to impressive 260 MPTS/SPTS multicasts in addition to the RF inputs. The combined unit is ideal for hybrid networks where IP is used as a carrier from head-end to the regional edge multiplexer/ modulator/ transmitter. The built-in round-robin functionality allows sequential analysis of multiple QAM or VSB multiplexes, making it possible to monitor the total broadcast contents of a transmission system using a single VB262.

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