Analizatory MPEG

MiraVid - TeleSight

MiraVid – TeleSight

is the industry’s first multi‐image processor that is capable of validating and monitoring up to 64 IP or ASI programs simultaneously. TeleSight makes it possible to perform quality assurance on the entire streaming delivery system from transmission to receiving and in between any operations where errors can occur such as transcoding and re‐multiplexing. Designed for the media distribution industry, including content providers, broadcasters, IPTV providers, and content distribution houses, TeleSight Multi‐Image processor supports all MPEG video standards. It is designed to validate and analyze real‐time compressed video and audio so that companies can provide a greater quality of service to their customers. TeleSight offers unparalleled performance with real‐time decoding, displaying, and analysis for all input streams simultaneously including ETR‐290 tests, video conformance tests, black and frozen video detection, audio clipping and silence detection, as well as real‐time graphing of video quant, video bitrate, and audio wave.


  • H.264/AVC, VC‐1, MPEG‐4, MPEG‐2
  • VCHIP, CC, CGMS‐A Display
  • HD and SD, PAL and NTSC
  • Multiple Audio Streams
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