KWS Electronic - VAROS 306


The ability to compare measurement data is indispensable. That is the reason why the VAROS 306 achieves the same quality and measurement accuracy as the AMA 310. A clear presentation of the measurement results or uninterrupted image evaluation via the 5” VGA colour LCD screen is possible at any time. When displaying measurement values no interfering TV programs run in the background. The VAROS 306 fulfils the users wish with respect to size, functionality and investment costs.


  • Luminous 5” VGA colour TFT\
  • Frequency range from 5–2,150 MHz
  • Level measurement for analogue signal: UKW, TV, SAT
  • Level measurement for return path frequencies: 5–65 MHz
  • DVB-S, DVB-C and DVB-T: level measurement, BER, MER
  • High pass filter for special channel 2/3 measurement
  • Image representation for MPEG 2 signals
  • Spectrum analysis for all ranges
  • Video/Audio input/output via SCART, DVI out
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