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Witbe - Mobile Quality Manager

Witbe’s Mobile Quality Manager

is a comprehensive solution designed to measure and control the quality of mobile voice and data services as experienced by users. It relies on Witbe Mobile Robots replicating customer behaviors over 2G/3G/4G-LTE networks: Placing and receiving calls, sending and receiving SMS, browsing the Web, streaming video content, etc. It is a non-intrusive solution providing meaningful information on mobile broadband availability and performance. It also highlights whether calls are properly routed across heterogeneous networks (PSTN to mobile, mobile to VoIP, IMS to PSTN, etc.) and helps monitor Average Success Ratio (ASR) and audio quality (PESQ) per route and peering-partner. Measurements are reported in easy-to-read dashboards designed to give service providers realtime visibility on the availability, performance and quality of their mobile broadband and telephony services. With Witbe’s Mobile Quality you can build KPIs to drive operations effectively and you have clear and precise information to focus your actions and increase customer satisfaction.

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