AC6918 is a pilot measurement module for enabling automatic gain and slope control. It is compatible with intelligent 1.2 GHz ACx and ACE amplifiers.



  • Compatible with AC3010, AC3210 and ACE3 amplifiers
  • Plug-in unit with no additional cables
  • Front panel leds for RIS and ALSC status

Level measurement and ALSC

  • Fast and accurate level measurement unit can measure any forward path channel level with selectable peak / average detection
  • ALSC pilot frequencies are user programmable with automatic reserve pilot switching; full gain and slope control with two pilots, automatic switching to gain-only control with only one pilot
  • Does not support plug-and-play single button automatic alignment. Forward path output levels should be first adjusted manually before enabling ALSC. Return path can then be automatically aligned.

Remote Ingress Switching (RIS)

  • RIS (Remote Ingress Switching) receiver with automatic scanning
  • 0 dB / -6 dB / <-50 dB ingress switch control