Teleste - AC6981 TRANSPONDER

AC6981 is a DOCSIS 3.1 frequency range compatible DOCSIS transponder. Compatible with 1.2 GHz ACx and ACE amplifiers and nodes.



  • Compatible with 1.2 GHz platforms: AC3010, AC3210, AC8710, AC8810, AC9100, ACE3 and ACE8
  • Plug-in unit with no additional cables
  • Lid status monitoring with light sensor
  • Pushbutton for true Plug-and-Play: full automatic alignment of both forward and return path signal paths

Modem and management

  • DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS 2.0 transponder
  • Remote monitoring and control of all parameters
  • Remote update of transponder and platform embedded software
  • Standard DOCSIS SNMP MIBs for DOCSIS management
  • Amplifier/node management via SCTE HMS / Teleste enterprise MIBs
  • Supports remote Teleste TSEMP management allowing more sophisticated management features such as measurement logging with CATVisor tools

Level measurement and ALSC

  • Fast and accurate level measurement unit can measure any forward path channel level with selectable peak/average detection
  • ALSC pilot frequencies are user programmable with automatic reserve pilot switching; full gain and slope control with two pilots, automatic switching to gain-only control with only one pilot
  • Fast forward path spectrum analyser functionality with user programmable frequencies, graphical display and automatic limit testing with alarms

Ingress monitoring and control

  • Ingress Buster, the return path signal monitoring system with measurement dynamic range extended down to noise level can detect and report ingress
  • Return path can be attenuated or even cut off while still maintaining return path signal measurement functionality and remote modem connection
  • Ingress Buster can be used for automated actions against ingress: return path can be attenuated, or preconfigured ingress filter can be activated, or both, with user-selectable attenuation, thresholds and timeouts
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