Appear TV - EPG Regenerator

EPG Schedule Regenerator

The new Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) module allows a network operator to receive several channel bouquets from multiple sources and re-use the existing EPG information. The EPG will receive EIT tables from any available input automatically. As the operator selects a subset of the received services to be transmitted, the EPG module will automatically filter out unused services and re-generate the EIT schedule to reflect the current channel line up for the selected network. The EIT schedule information is then played out on the selected MPTS output. Via the GUI, the operator can configure the number of days the EPG information should be played out, the data rate, etc. It is possible to prioritize a higher repetition rate for events that are nearer in time. Reception of EIT from multiple Appear TV units will be supported in later releases.

  • Re-generation of EIT schedule on selected output port
  • Gathers EIT information from all input ports
  • EPG data is filtered and regenerated to reflect new channel plan
  • Supports multiple of networks
  • Configurable play out rate with prioritization
  • Configurable period to be played out
  • EIT reception from multiple of ATV units (later release)
  • 1 slot wide