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Appear TV - Encoder - RF input

MPEG-2/4 Encoder module with integrated RF input and demodulator

Operators face increased demand to support the reception of various encoding standards and formats. This leads to continued efforts to introduce new equipment into challenging operational environments where space, power consumption, systems integration and performance are all equally important. This is where the new encoder with RF input, with its high density and low power consumption, comes into the picture as it is ideal for local reception of analogue transmissions that need to be digitally distributed to end customers or back-hauled to a central site. Combining a high-specification analogue television demodulator with a high performance MPEG2 /AVC encoder into a single module brings countless benefits. It enables operators who need to bring analogue services into a digital distribution environment to do so efficiently, with very high density and without the problems of using multiple separate components since everything required is integrated into one module.

  • Encodes up to 2 SD + PIP or 4 SD channels
  • 4 F 75Ω input connectors, one per service
  • Input frequency range 47-862MHz
  • PAL B/G, PAL I and SECAM D/K input*
  • MPEG-2 and MPEG 4 SD encoding
  • Operates in two encoder rate control modes:
    • Constant bit-rate (CBR)
    • Capped variable bit-rate (CVBR)
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