Arris - VIP1853

A cost-effective and environmentally friendly high-definition set-top with DVR Module.

The VIP1853 has a compact size and shape and a unique set of features. The optional DVR Module means you can generate additional revenues since your customer pays for both the DVR Module itself as well as the DVR license fee. This solution gives service providers the flexibility to meet the demands of a broad customer base while using the same hardware and software. Users can install the DVR Module themselves – it’s as easy as snapping in a couple of new batteries in the remote. The DVR Module connects directly to the bottom of the set-top box – no cables needed, no additional service calls required. By removing some of the less used features and putting the electronics in a small and very efficient mechanical design, a very cost efficient design has been achieved. However, the performance of the VIP1853 still matches the very high performance of the VIP19x3 series. With its small size and low weight the VIP1853 has very low power consumption thereby minimizing the environmental impact. In addition, Arris’s DVR Module utilizing a 2.5” HDD gives the customer less noise and lower power consumption than with a regular hard drive.


  • Small, compact size
  • Low noise
  • Low cost, flexible
  • features and design
  • Optional, user installed, DVR Module of 160/320/500 GB, including timeshifting with trick play and scheduled recordings
  • Optional, user installed, TS Module of 4 or 8 GB for timeshifting
  • 3D TV Capabilities
  • A high-end systemon-a-chip (SoC) of 540MHz 1000 DMIPS microprocessor
  • Equal in performance to the VIP19x3 and VIP1003
  • Top side – combined illuminated dual color standby switch and status indicator
  • Optional – display and touch controls
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