Arris - VIP2853

Flexible IP Set-top Box with DVR capability

Broaden your customer base and generate revenue with Arris’s VIP2853 high-definition IP set-top box with DVR module capability. VIP2853 has a compact, cost-effective design and a set of features that enable flexible service packaging and market segmentation.

The VIP2853 offers a cost-effective, yet flexible, way of bringing high-quality IPTV services, such as high-definition broadcast TV, on-demand services, interactive applications, and DVR/timeshift, as well as over the top (OTT) services, to the home. The optional DVR Module gives you the flexibility to support DVR and non-DVR customers with the same set-top box. For non-DVR customers, you can up-sell a full DVR without needing to replace the set-top box. All the user has to do is simply insert the DVR module.


  • Compact, high-definition IP set-top box with flexible features and low noise
  • Optional, user-installed 320/500/1000 GB DVR module enables timeshift with trick play and scheduled recordings
  • Optional, user-installed 4 or 8 GB timeshift module with solid state drive (SSD) technology
  • Optional display and touch controls
  • Environmental-friendly with low power consumption
  • Powered by the KreaTV operating system for openness, flexibility, and smooth systems integration
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