Remote PHY

Teleste - DAN200

The DAN200 has been developed for operators who want to deploy distributed architectures to increase their network capacity to meet the future bandwidth needs. While centralized DOCSIS architectures require a lot of space at the headend, the DAN200 saves it.

CASA systems compatibility

The DAN200 is designed in co-operation with Casa Systems and it supports interoperability with Casa Systems CCAP CMTS (C100G, CSC8x10G).

HFC node and Remote PHY module in the same package

In addition to being an excellent HFC fibre node, the DAN200 hosts Remote PHY module.  The DAN200 supports full DOCSIS 3.1 downstream spectrum and upstream frequencies, while the Remote PHY module of DAN200 supports 1.2 GHz downstream and 100 MHz upstream. Remote PHY module can be upgraded later to support full DOCSIS 3.1 upstream spectrum.

Compact housing and remote powering

The DAN200 can be powered remotely over coaxial cabling. The robust housing has been developed to meet strict space requirements and harsh outdoor conditions.

Secure management and data traffic

Management and user traffic between CCAP service card and DAN200 is secured. All traffic is received via two SFP modules supporting 10 GbE and/or 10G-EPON protocols.

The third optical port is used for traditional broadcast services such as linear television that still persists due to STB legacy.


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