Galvanic isolators

are used to galvanically isolate coaxial access network from subscribers premises. They prevent grounding caused problems from occuring on sensitive devices like LCD and plasma screens, VoIP and cable modems, when connected directly to system outlet.


  • Frequency range 5…1000 MHz
  • Full galvanic isolation
  • Class A screening efficiency (IEC 60728-2)
  • Withstands 2120 VDC for at least one minute not exceeding 0.7 mA leakage
  • current (according to IEC 60728-11)
  • Withstands 230 VAC RMS not exceeding 8.0 mA RMS leakage current
  • (according to IEC 60728-11)
  • Wide variety of models including GIS100 in a tubular housing
  • Plastic cover and base available for easy installations